Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spring IGDIs Data

Spring IGDIs Data

I am very excited to share the fantastic growth our preschoolers have made this school year!  Please email to find out your student's number.

The full set is the overall composite of how many students are considered proficient for Spring testing.
PN represents the picture naming (vocabulary) component of the IGDIs assessment.
SI represents sounds correct which assesses letter sound knowledge.  The sound for the letter Ii was represented at least 5 times so if they missed this sound, it effected their results.  
This is the rhyming assessment for IGDIs.
WODB represents which one doesn't belong. This is a comprehension test which measures how a student can categorize and make comparisons and contrasts amongst items.
FS is an assessment of being able to isolate the first sounds in words.

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