Monday, May 22, 2017

Preschool Last Day

Thank you for sharing your child with us!
It has been our greatest pleasure and blessing to have been your child's teachers!  Have a nice summer!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Preschool News Week of May 14-18

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group Learning:

Read it Again:  The Night Before Kindergarten.  Can not believe that we are at this time of the school year!  Ugh...tugs at my heart strings!  

Creative Curriculum:  We continue to explore our tree study.  This week we are reading the books Abiyoyo (a class favorite!) and A Tree Named Steve (a completely heart endearing story in which I could relate to with a senior graduating this year and as I sorted pictures for picture boards noticing all of the first day of school pictures taken in front of our backyard tree).  Trees are definitely a part of our lives with all of those special moments!

Small Group Learning:

  • Nature Hunt
  • Journals
  • Water Painting
  • Bingo

Center Time Learning:

New center additions: dinosaurs, dot markers, sand and seashells, measuring tapes, number order cake, & counting games.


Preschool last day: Monday, May 22

Step Up Day for 2017-18 AK/Kindergarten students: Tuesday, May 23 8:45-10:15

4 Year Old Preschool Graduation: Thursday, May 25 6:30 Keystone Elementary Gym

Please Enjoy Pictures of Our Learning:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spring IGDIs Data

Spring IGDIs Data

I am very excited to share the fantastic growth our preschoolers have made this school year!  Please email to find out your student's number.

The full set is the overall composite of how many students are considered proficient for Spring testing.
PN represents the picture naming (vocabulary) component of the IGDIs assessment.
SI represents sounds correct which assesses letter sound knowledge.  The sound for the letter Ii was represented at least 5 times so if they missed this sound, it effected their results.  
This is the rhyming assessment for IGDIs.
WODB represents which one doesn't belong. This is a comprehension test which measures how a student can categorize and make comparisons and contrasts amongst items.
FS is an assessment of being able to isolate the first sounds in words.

Preschool News Week of May 8-12

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group:

Creative Curriculum Tree Study: We are reading the books Abiyoyo (Ask your preschooler about this book-they LOVE it!) and Trees Count.  We generated a list of questions that we want to learn about love love the inquiry in our preschoolers!  

Read it Again: We are reading the book, Clifford for President.  The goals for this story are to recognize some common sight words,  to understand and use words representing thinking processes (nominate and vote), to produce a word starting with a specific first sound, and to share feelings, ideas, or experiences in a single story that is precise.  

Small Groups:

  • Flower Bingo
  • Bean Bag Toss Graphing (focusing on positional words-behind, in front of, next to, beside)
  • Measuring using linking chains
  • Journal: My favorite thing about preschool
  • Counting Game with a partner (Matching objects to a number)
  • First sound picture sorting game
  • Number writing on doodle pro boards
  • I'm Thinking of a Shape Game
  • Puzzles
  • Review Jolly Phonics Letters/Sounds


New centers:
Blocks: Dinosaurs
Art: Dot Markers
Math: Measuring
Sensory: Sand


May 22: Last Day of Preschool
May 23: Step Up Day for Students going into AK/Kindergarten next year
May 25: Four Year Old Preschool Graduation 6:30 Keystone Elementary Gym

Please Enjoy Pictures of Our Learning:

Preschool went on a Tree Hunt and recorded our observations.