Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Preschool News Week of April 17-21

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group:

Creative Curriculum:  We are wrapping up our Ball Study this week with some fantastic guest speakers and hands on experiences for our preschoolers.  We read the book Just Like Josh Gibson and discussed baseball terminology, the problem of the story and how grandmama helped to solve this problem, we also discussed how grandmama felt to not be allowed to play baseball because she was a girl and what she was thinking the one time she was allowed to play in a game and to be lifted up on the boy's shoulders.  It was such a fantastic story.  :)

Read it Again:  Bunny Cakes: Our goals for this story are to recognize some common sight words including environmental print, to understand and use new words which describe things or actions (we generated a list to describe both Ruby and Max's cakes), to produce a word starting with a specific first sound (students were asked to think of a word that starts with the same first sound as a picture they drew from a bag), and to share feelings, ideas, or experiences in a single story that is precise.

Small Group: 

  • Guest Speaker: Mrs. B brought her daughter to visit us on Monday to share their soccer experiences.  We learned about the protective gear necessary, why a uniform is necessary and we even were able to practice trying to score a goal against Eva who is a goalie.  Such a great experience for our preschoolers!
  • Guest Speaker: Mr. Junge visited our classroom to discuss baseball/softball with our preschoolers.  He shared the various pieces of equipment utilized in the sport and explained their purpose and use.  Comparisons were made between softball and baseball as well.  We were able to view pictures of our own Mr. Junge in action in his college days which was very cool for our students to see.  I did share my own "black and white" high school softball pictures from my high school year book.  😄  The students were fantastic during Mr. Junge's presentation and we are thankful he was able to share with us.  
  • Syllable Sort
  • Rhyming Game
  • Beginning Sounds Sort
  • Jolly Phonics: Yy


Library: Spring and Insects Books
Sensory: Foam Beads
Blocks: Train Set
Dramatic Play: Flower Shop
Math: New Math games

Upcoming Dates:

May 22: Last Day of Preschool
May 23: Step Up Day for our 4 year old preschool class to visit their AK or Kindergarten classrooms for next year (MORE INFO. TO COME!)
May 25: 4 Year Preschool Graduation 6:30 PM Keystone Elementary Gym

Please Enjoy Pictures of Our Learning:

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