Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Preschool News Week of February 13-17

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group Learning:

Read it Again:  The Recess Queen.  Our learning goals for this story are to understand and use new words describing aspects of books and print, to understand and use new words representing feelings (intimidated, cheerful and excited), to identify when two words share the same first sound, and to produce a fictional story that has a setting and characters.

Creative Curriculum:  We are beginning a new study on Balls this week.  We read the story The Little Red Hen and will read Have a Ball.  We will participate in a discussion about different types of balls to include descriptions of each.  

Small Group Learning:

  • Valentine Measuring Activity with a partner
  • Which One Doesn't Belong Card Game
  • Same Sound Sort
  • Action Heart Valentine Game
  • Valentine Chocolates Counting Game with a partner
  • Valentine Bingo
  • Journals
  • Jumping Beans Letter Identification Game
  • Balls Discussion on chart paper
  • Jolly Phonics: Ff

Center Time Learning:

Our students are really enjoying the new Carnival Center.  Great opportunities to work together on turn taking, sharing and using caring language with our friends.  


February 20: No School

Please Enjoy Pictures of Our Learning:


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