Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Preschool News Week of January 9-13

Welcome Back!!!

What we're learning:

Whole Group Learning:
Read it Again:  The Recess Queen.  The learning goals for this story are: to learn uppercase letter names including those in own name and those of some friends or family members,to understand and use the words for unfamiliar actions (howled, gaped, romping), to identify when two words share the same first sound, and to order three or more major events in a story.

Creative Curriculum: Caps for Sale.  Our focus for this story included the following: to introduce characters and the problem, to expand vocabulary (monkey business, peddler, ordinary, wares, checked, disturbed, 'not to upset', leaned, irritate, refreshed, and stamped) and to answer questions that invite explanations.  

Small Group Learning:

  • RIA: Identifying pictures that start with the letter Mm and describing scenarios when we may have used the vocabulary words from our story.
  • Shared Writing Experience: we had a discussion as a small group and recorded responses in print.
  • Hippity Hoppity: we played a game where students had to identify how many objects were in a set in order to quantify.
  • Matching upper to lowercase letter mittens.
  • Jolly Phonics: Gg
Center Time Learning:
Dramatic Play:  Laundry Mat
Blocks: Race Car track
Sensory: Bubbly water
Math tubs: New legos
Art: fabric collage

Jan. 13 1:00 Dismiss:  Preschool will run on the following schedule: 
AM Class: 8:15-10:15
PM Class: 11:15-1:00 (Please bring a sack lunch).

Jan. 16 No School/Teacher professional development

Please Enjoy Pictures of our New Centers!
 Our new Laundry Mat!
Singing "Where is Thumbkin?"

 Building a race car track!

We love creating at the art table!
 Isn't this just precious?

Math tub toys!

 Building letters on the LED light table!

 Creativity at work!

 Love this!
 PM Class paper plate Ice Skating in the gym for indoor recess!

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