Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Preschool News Week of October 31-November 4

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group:

Halloween:  We read the story There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bat.  We also worked on retelling the story using pictures from the story.  We summarized and retold which are essential reading skills for comprehension.  

RIA:  We are reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom with a focus this time around on SYLLABLES.  We will be participating in many activities to help your child understand the number of syllables we hear in words.  This important reading skill helps students begin to listen for the parts in words, eventually leading us to hearing and segmenting the letter sounds in words...c-a-t.  We also worked on color words to describe the letters.  We discussed the major events in our story and modeled how to summarize a story.     

Topic of Study:  We are focusing this week on dogs.  We read the story Taking Care of Your Dog.  We shared pictures that were emailed to me of a few of our student's dogs.  We are answering questions students have posed about caring for their pets.  

Small Groups:

  • Party games: Candy corn bowling, playdoh mats, rice krispie pumpkin treats, and monster bean bag toss.
  • Fire Safety with Mr. Junge: He shared with us how we need to have a fire safety plan at home with our families and other fire safety tips.
  • Special visitor: Mrs. Anderson brought her class pet, Pepper, the guinea pig for us to learn about.  Mrs. Anderson discussed how she cares for Pepper.
  • Name/drawing assessment.  Our preschoolers are making great progress with learning how to write their names.  Keep practicing!  Remember the goal for 4 year old preschool is that they write their name with the first letter capitalized and the rest lowercase.
  • Jolly phonics: C/K (These letters are introduced together in JP because they share the same letter sound).

Center Time Learning:

New centers:
Blocks:  Bristle Blocks
Sensory:  Moon Sand
Puzzles/Games:  Shape Patterns
Writing: November words
Library/story retelling: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Art: toilet paper tubes (if you would like to help us stock our supply that would be great!  They go through them very fast.)

Upcoming dates:  I just have to say...I can't believe it is November!  

Nov. 16 8:00-7:30 Parent teacher conferences
Nov. 21 2:00-7:30 Parent teacher conferences (Early out schedule will be followed again for preschool.)
Nov. 23-25 Thanksgiving Holiday-No school


When we had our class parties, the morning class chose to make pizza for their party.  We made ritz cracker pizzas which turned out quite yummy.  I had a few students ask if we could make them again, so I thought I would share the very simple and kid friendly recipe with you in case you wanted to try it at home.

Ritz pizzas:  
Ingredients: ritz crackers, pizza sauce, pepperoni, shredded mozzarella cheese.
Directions:  This is great for your preschooler to do with your guidance (but you run the microwave!)
Use one ritz cracker as your crust
Spread pizza sauce of your choice onto the ritz with a spoon
Optional: place one pepperoni onto your sauce
Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese
Microwave for 10 seconds or until cheese melts (adult)
Cool so it doesn't burn anyone's mouth and enjoy!  

Enjoy Pictures of our "Funtastic" Week!

Mr. Junge visiting with us about fire safety. 

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