Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Preschool News Week of November 14-18

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group Learning:

We reviewed our Incredible Flexible You book titled Whole Body Listening.  It was a great time to review and remind our preschoolers what it means when we listen with our whole bodies.  This is an important skill for our preschoolers to learn as it will assist them in relationships with peers and with classroom behavior.  

During Read it Again, we read the book The Letters are Lost.  One focus was on the directionality of print (when I read, I read from left to right).  We also learned three new words and practiced using them in multiple scenarios throughout our day.  Our new words are: admired, peeking, and squish.  We are continuing to practice identifying syllables in words and are working on retelling a story.     

We also are going to be reading the book The Napping House.   We will be working on the following vocabulary words: cozy, dozing, slumbering, snoozing, snoring, flea, and wakeful.  We will be modeling think aloud strategies to increase student comprehension.  We will also be utilizing questioning to include why and how.  We will conclude the reading with a story retelling activity in which students will sequence events and use their own words to tell what happened in the story.  

Small Group Learning:

  • Playdoh Shape Building: We used straws and playdoh to build different shapes to include square, rectangle, triangle, oval, circle, and diamond.     
  • Journal Writing: We encouraged students to draw a picture, use alphabet letters and the letter sounds they know to try to write words about their picture and then they share with us what they drew so we can dictate the words onto their paper.  As your student learns more letter sounds and they transition to the application stage, we will see students use the sounds they know to spell words phonetically.  This is an exciting thing to see as students are putting their letter sound knowledge to use!  
  • We played a game where we sorted items we could squish and things we could not to work on the vocabulary from our story in RIA.  
  • Syllable sorting game
  • Jolly Phonics: Hh
  • Rhyming card game

Center Time Learning:

Blocks:  We will be adding tools and a work bench to our block center.  
Sensory:  Foam beads  
Dramatic Play:  New center coming soon! We will be voting Thursday.    
Playdoh:  Cookie cutters, rollers and scissors.
Math:  Counting Cookies Game  
Art: Name turkeys with Mrs. Masten  


November 21 will be an Early Out Schedule,  AM Class will meet 8:15-10:15 and PM Class will meet 11:15-1:05.  The PM class will need to bring a sack lunch.  

Thanksgiving break will be Nov. 23-25.  Classes resume Nov. 28.

So sorry no pictures....short on time with conferences on Wednesday!  

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