Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Preschool News Week of October 24-28

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group:

Topic of Study: Pets: We created a KWL chart to include what we Know about Pets, what we Want to Know about Pets and what we Learned about Pets.  We will use a lot of different resources to research our topic of Pets to include non-fiction books, online resources and hopefully a guest speaker or two.  We would like to invite our families to participate in any way in our study on pets.  Perhaps you would like to share a picture of your pet (you can email to me or send a print) or perhaps you work with animals in your job or as a hobby and would like to come in and share with our class what you do.  Please email and let me know any ideas you may have.  We welcome family participation in our learning.    

Read it Again: Clifford Goes to Dog School  We worked on identifying the title of the story and we learned that when we read, we go from the left to the right.  We also focused on three new vocabulary words: smart, perfect, and surprised.  We talked about what these words mean and the students provided some examples for each word.  We continue to work on rhyming words.  I am very happy to say that after re-assessing our 4 year olds for rhyming yesterday, that 25/32 students were proficient in rhyming.  That is a huge growth!  Continue practicing at home!  Lastly, we worked on describing major events from our story.  

Small Groups:

  • Creating patterns with unifex cubes
  • Using scissors to cut out our Socktober socks
  • Journals
  • Sorting Pumpkins by color
  • We created a story map for Clifford Goes to Dog School.
  • We sorted dogs by their attributes and used adjectives to describe them.
  • No Jolly Phonics this week due to early out on Friday.


During center time, there are so many opportunities for your child to develop positive social skills.  Whether it be sharing materials (please may I have it when you are done?), taking turns by setting a timer, using words to express feelings (I didn't like it when you knocked my block tower down, could you help me build it again?), solving social problems or planning activities with another student, our students are encouraged to talk things out with each other and shown how they can appropriately handle a situation themselves.  Our goal is to help your child to be self-sufficient and confident in meeting their own needs/wants by providing modeling in how to handle social situations.  Students are encouraged to use kind, calm voices when they speak to their peers and praised when they handle a situation respectfully with a peer.  There is research to indicate that a student's success in school is related to whether or not they have a friend.  It is our job to help your child achieve that goal by developing positive social skills.  Preschool is a very important time in your child's development!!  


October 28: Early Out Schedule
AM Class: 8:15-10:15
PM Class: 11:15-1:05 (PM Class will need to bring a sack lunch please)

October 31: Costume Party for Preschool

Please Enjoy Pictures of Our Learning:

 Our Animal Hospital is open!

 Making Pizzas for our Pizza Party

 An ice cream party for the afternoon class!

 Doing the Boogie Walk during whole group songs
 Our Clifford story map

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