Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Preschool News Week of Oct. 3-7

What We've Been Learning:

Whole group learning:

Incredible Flexible You: Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings We are reviewing the concepts we learned in this story and delving in a little bit deeper to reinforce the ideas learned in this lesson. 

Read it Again:  The Letter's Are Lost The objectives for this lesson are to recognize that print carries meaning (we counted how many words were in our title and pointed out where the words are on the page that  I need to read), to understand and use new words representing spatial concepts (we created a list of where the letters were hiding in our story), to identify when two words share a rhyming pattern (-at rime, cat, hat, mat, rat), and to identify and describe setting and characters in a story.

We also are reading Mig the Pig's Big Book.  In this story we are focusing on listening for rhyming words with the -ig rime.  

Small group learning:

  • Incredible Flexible You:  We learned a new song called "Show Me What You're Feeling" and played a game with Mrs. Mehlert where we had to use our "thought bubbles" to think about something and determine what Mrs. Mehlert was thinking about by looking at her "thought bubble".   
  • We played a game where we had to choose a magnetic letter out of a jar and find where that letter was hiding in the story.  We then drew where our letter would hide on white boards.
  • We played a rhyming game with -ock rhyme (clock, rock, sock, block, lock) and then played "What's Missing" in which I took an item away from the group and students had to recall what item was missing.  This is a great memory game to play with your preschooler at home too...they love it!
  • October name writing/drawing assessment.  We have really been working with our preschoolers on name writing and are really seeing great effort.  Have your 4 year old preschooler show you how they write their name at home!
  • We did a name sorting activity where we looked at the number of letters in our name, what letter it starts with, etc. and then counted how many we had in each group.
  • Jolly Phonics: Pp

Center time learning:

We added the following additions to our learning centers.  
  • Block area: marbleworks
  • Dramatic Play: we have added additional camping activities to include fish measuring and nature hunt and packing checklists in our classroom. 
  • Sensory: Water beads and magnetic fishing
  • Art: Fall sponge prints
  • Science: sensory bottles 
  • Flannel Board in our Library Area: The Itsy Bitsy Spider story retelling

Individual/Small group practice during centers:

  • Name writing
  • Rhyming Game
  • Counting/Number recognition
  • Shapes

Field trip:

Oct. 13 we will be going to Bloomsbury Farm.  If you plan to meet us there, will you please email me to let me know.  I would like to know how many adults I can plan on helping.  I also would like to know if you plan to take your child home with you from Bloomsbury.  The costs for parents to go is $5 admission payable at Bloomsbury Farm.

Please Enjoy Pictures of our Learning:

Answering our Question of the Day

 Great minds at work!  Planning,constructing, and working together!

 Exploring Magnet Shapes

 Playing a rhyming game

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