Thursday, September 29, 2016

Understanding IGDIs for 4 Year Olds

IGDIs Fall Testing Domains

For each domain assessed, students were given two examples in which I modeled the activity and then students were given two sample questions to practice before we began the assessment.  If a student didn't pass the test samples in which the correct response is modeled, the test was discontinued.  

Picture Naming

For this vocabulary assessment, students were to name the pictures they saw.  
There were 15 pictures in total.


For rhyming, students were given the choice of three to four pictures and asked which two rhyme, for example, is it bees/cheese or bees/cat?  There were 15 items total assessed in rhyming.

Sound Identification

Students were asked to show me the letter that makes the sound I say.  For example, show me the letter that makes the "ffff" sound.  There were 15 total items.

 Which One Doesn't Belong

Students were asked to show me which one doesn't belong on each page.  I told them what each item was and then asked which one doesn't belong.  There were 15 items for this assessment as well.

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