Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Preschool News Week of Sept. 6-9

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group Learning:

We are reading the book The Group Plan and learning how it makes other's feel when we don't follow the group plan.  For example, in our story our characters are visiting a farm and their first task is to pick apples off the apple tree.  We see 3 of our 4 characters picking apples, but the 4th character is not helping and is instead doing something else.  We see how this makes the other characters feel.  We notice how their feelings change when the 4th character begins following the group plan.  We talked about how in our classroom, when it is time to come over to the carpet, if one person stays in the library area on a bean bag chair not following the group plan, how this makes us feel.  We discussed how when everyone follows the group plan whether it be at clean up time or during our activities, it makes us feel happy.  Following the group plan is a big learning goal for our preschoolers as it will be essential in helping them to become great learners.  

We have also read the following children's literature:  Llama Llama Misses Mama and How to Be a Friend.  These stories allow us the opportunity to discuss how we are feeling when we are first starting a school year and how we are to treat our friends at school.  

Small Group Learning:

  • We completed our monthly name writing and fine motor assessment for Preschool.  We have been working on name recognition and becoming familiar with the letters in their names.  Our goal for 4 year old preschool is for our students to be writing their names and we will be continuing to work on this goal.  I am pleased that there are those who have already met this goal.
  • Students put together ice cream cone name puzzles to practice putting the letters in their name in order.  
  • We participated in an egg passing activity as a part of our Incredible Flexible You activity for the Group Plan.  The focus was on everyone participating and following the group plan.  
  • We played a game called Rickety Tickety in which students had to quantify to identify how many fingers were held up at the end of the rhyme.  
  • Jolly Phonics begins with the letter S.  We will learn the sound S makes, things that start with S and how to write the letter S.  (4 Year old Friday only.) 


Center Activities will be rotated bi-weekly to allow all students that opportunity to explore all of our learning centers in the classroom.  We began our PBIS punch cards this week which will reward students demonstrating the following positive behavior choices: Caring, Safe, Responsible and Respectful.  We share the rules which provide visuals for what each of these look like in our classroom.  

Next Week:  

No school on Monday, Sept. 12 for PD.
We will also be beginning our Read it Again reading series!


For our 4 year olds, I have begun assessing our students on upper and lowercase alphabet, number recognition, counting, colors and shapes to see where we are at in starting the year.  For 3 year olds, I will be assessing colors, shapes, counting, numbers and letter in their name.  This will give me a baseline to measure growth in your student.  If you have not worked with your student on these concepts before, now is a great time to start!  We will be doing a lot of learning at school but if your student has additional practice on these skills at home, they will be far more successful than not.

Please enjoy pictures of our learning:

We are playing Where's the Bean Bag and graphing our results onto a chart.  
Data analysis in preschool is an important math concept to create a foundation for future math understanding and problem solving.

Fine Motor development, focusing on a task, creating, and color recognition 
all occur during water painting.   
 Check out some results for how many times our bean bag fell in front of, beside, inside and behind the container.  All important positional words that occur in many directions and conversations with our students.

 Singing our Goodbye song.  
 This is how we line up for recess on our blue rope.  

 In our science area, we are matching scents with the corresponding numbered picture.
 We used Bendaroos to make the letters in our names.

 We played a game called Doggie Doggie, Count your Bones!  Students had to close their eyes while bones were placed in the dog house and then students quantified or 
counted to determine how many were there.  

 Love the creativity in design we witness in our block center!
 We love our new train table!  Thanks to TOMY International for the generous donation to all of Benton Community's preschool centers!
 Working on our ice cream cone name puzzles.  



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