Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Preschool News Week of Sept. 13-16

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group Learning:

We began our Read it Again Reading Series with the book Clifford Goes to Dog School.  Our objectives for this lesson were to recognize that print carries meaning and to distinguish print from pictures and to understand and use words for unfamiliar actions (verbs).  We discussed what the title of a story is and that the words tell us what is happening.  We also focused on the following vocabulary words: begging, heeling, walking, shaking and sitting.  We also will really be focusing on rhyming words such as dog, frog, hog and log and identifying characters and the setting in a story. 

Incredible Flexible You:  We will be reading the book Thinking With Your Eyes.  
We learned that eyes are like arrows and you can tell what someone is thinking about by looking at their eyes. 

Small Group Learning:

  • Read it Again activities:  We participate in activities in the following areas: Print Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Vocabulary, and Narrative.  We discussed setting and characters and played a sorting game to separate outside and inside activities.  We also acted out actions for the story and played a rhyming game with the words with the -og rime.   
  • Incredible Flexible You activities: We played a "What am I looking at?" game and a "Think with your Eyes" music activity.
  • Jolly Phonics: Aa

Center Time Learning:

The following additions have been added to our learning centers:
Blocks: Train Set
Art: Dot Markers
Sensory Table: Kidfetti, measuring cups, vehicles
Library: Fall books

Next Week:

We will be celebrating Homecoming by participating in the following dress up days:
Monday: Hair Day: Wild/crazy hair
Tuesday: Safari Day: animal-print/camo/explorer
Thursday: Class Distinction Day: Preschool will have a Pajama Day.
Friday: Blue and Gold Day


Thursday we will be celebrating Dot Day along with the rest of Keystone Elementary.  A note was sent home regarding this day last week.  If you have any "dotty" clothing, please feel free to dress your child in their dotty attire.

Please enjoy a few pictures of our learning!

Building ramps in the block principles at work!
Our Question of the Day...we discuss our results and make comparisons to include the concepts of more, less and same.   

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