Thursday, September 29, 2016

Understanding IGDIs for 4 Year Olds

IGDIs Fall Testing Domains

For each domain assessed, students were given two examples in which I modeled the activity and then students were given two sample questions to practice before we began the assessment.  If a student didn't pass the test samples in which the correct response is modeled, the test was discontinued.  

Picture Naming

For this vocabulary assessment, students were to name the pictures they saw.  
There were 15 pictures in total.


For rhyming, students were given the choice of three to four pictures and asked which two rhyme, for example, is it bees/cheese or bees/cat?  There were 15 items total assessed in rhyming.

Sound Identification

Students were asked to show me the letter that makes the sound I say.  For example, show me the letter that makes the "ffff" sound.  There were 15 total items.

 Which One Doesn't Belong

Students were asked to show me which one doesn't belong on each page.  I told them what each item was and then asked which one doesn't belong.  There were 15 items for this assessment as well.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Preschool News Week of Sept. 26-30

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group Learning:

Read it Again: Our story this week is Rumble in the Jungle.  Our objectives for this lesson were to have the students recognize that print carries meaning and to distinguish print from pictures, to understand and use words for unfamiliar actions (nouns: jaws, horns, cubs, den), to identify when two words share a rhyming pattern (paw, jaw, saw) and to identify and describe the setting and characters in the story.  

Incredible Flexible You: We read the book Whole Body Listening and learned that when we are listening to someone we are listening by keeping our hands, arms, feet and legs still, our ears are listening, our eyes are watching and our mouths are quiet.  We learned that it makes others feel good when we listen to them with whole body listening.

Rhyming Book: Tog the Dog  We are working very hard with our 4 year old students on rhyming and encourage them to watch our mouths when we said words to hear if we make the same sound at the end of the word.  This skill of being able to hear and isolate sounds in words is an important pre-reading and pre-writing skill.  

Small Group Learning:

  • Incredible Flexible You: We played a game where we practice having our legs, hands, feet, arms, ears, eyes, mouth not listen and then we did a countdown to listening to practice what whole body listening looks like.
  • Read it Again: We practiced matching rhyming words for the -ake rime (snake, rake, make, bake).  We also discussed where the animals in our story were located to focus on setting.
  • Number Hunt for #'s 6-10
  • Journals
  • Jolly Phonics letter: Ii


During our center time, we have a time where we pull over individual or small groups of students to work on specific skill areas.  This week we are working with students on writing their names, identifying numbers and counting and shape recognition.  As we progress through the school year, we will continue to identify which students need extra practice or which students need extension opportunities in each learning goal area and provide activities to work on these skills.  Currently, our three year old students are working on shape recognition.  Our four year old students are focusing on rhyming.  I will be sending home activities this week as homework in these areas for you to practice at home with your child as well.  Learning and student success is a collaboration between home and school!

Upcoming Dates: 

Oct. 10: No school for teacher professional development
Oct. 13: Preschool Field Trip to Bloomsbury Farm
Oct. 14: No Preschool for teacher professional development
Oct. 28: Early Dismissal    

Please Enjoy Pictures of our Learning!

 Our new camping and duplos center activities

 We have a puppet theater in our libary area

 Indoor recess obstacle course

 Alphabet soup in our sensory table

 Sorting pom pom "apples" by color in our writing center
 Our transportation graph

 We are so proud of our jolly phonics letter books!  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Preschool News Week of Sept. 19-23

What We've Been Learning:

Whole Group Learning:  

Read it Again: We are reading the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  The objectives for our learning are: to recognize print carries meaning and to distinguish print from pictures, to understand and use words which describe things and actions (adjectives and adverbs)-our focus was color words, to identify when two words share a rhyming pattern (bee, see, and knee), and to identify and describe the setting and characters in our story.  

Incredible Flexible You:  We are reading the book Body in the Group.  This story helps students learn about where their body is in relation to the group.  They learn that it is important to stay with the group.  In our classroom, when it is time for us to have our whole group learning time, it is important that all of our bodies are in a group on the carpet.  When we walk out to recess, it is important that our bodies are in the group when we walk in a line.    

We also read a story titled This is the Way We Go To School and then created a graph to show the way our preschool friends get to school each day.  We then analyzed the data and made comparisons. 

Small Group Learning:

  • Incredible Flexible You:  We played a game called "Body in the Group" in which we had a dance party while the music played and had to freeze when the music stopped.  Once it stopped we observed where our bodies were in the group.  Were we too close to each other?  Were we too far away from each other?  Were our bodies in the group?
  • Science: We made predictions and tested our ideas on the different types of items that would roll down a ramp.  We graphed our results on a yes/no chart
  • Math: We graphed how we get to school and then analyzed the data.  Which one had the most, which one had the least, which ones were the same,  how many more did one have than another, etc.
  • Jolly Phonics: Tt


New additions:
Blocks: Duplo blocks
Dramatic Play: Our students voted and they chose.....Camping!
Sensory Table: Macaroni
Art: Easel Painting
Discovery: Sensory bottles
Music: Instruments
Writing center: Fall Words


Letters informing you of your student's scores on IGDIs will be sent home soon.  Please review your student's scores and let me know if you have any questions.  

Remember: PJ Day Thursday for Preschool Class Distinction Day and Blue and Gold Day Friday.  Go Bobcats!  


Thursday, Oct. 13, both AM and PM preschool classes will be attending a field trip to Bloomsbury Farm in Atkins.  Preschool students will be transported by bus.  Parents are welcome to attend, but will need to meet us there and pay an entry fee.  Here are the details:

  • Morning class will leave at 8:30 and return at 11:00
  • Afternoon class will leave at 12:30 and return at 3:00
  • Normal preschool busing transportation to and from school will be provided.
  • Students may arrive at school at their normal classroom times and will be dismissed at regular times as well.       

Please enjoy pictures of our learning!

We love our Bobcat families bulletin board and so do our preschoolers!
 Dot Day Activities!

 Working on our Jolly Phonics!  A says aaaaaa!

 Safari Day!

 Practicing writing the letter a.

 Snack Time

 Making binoculars for safari day