Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Preschool News Week of May 2-6

What we are learning:

Read it Again: The Very Sleepy Sloth
Print Knowledge: We are working on recognizing some common sight words to include environmental print.

Vocabulary: We are working on using and understanding words that represent spatial concepts such as in, on, under, beside, in the middle, in front and in back.

Narrative: We are working on writing a story titled Buster learns new tricks that includes a beginning, middle and end.  

Phonological Awareness: We continue to work on producing words that start with a specific sound.  We also have been asking students to produce rhyming words.  

Additional Children's Literature: It's a Good Thing there are Insects, Ants, and Flies.

Small Groups: May name writing assessment, floor puzzles, and plant journals.  

Read it Again Take Home Books:  Please return any books including their baggies and at home activity cards.  Read it Again books will not be sent home for the rest of the school year.   

May 20-No Preschool: Step-up day for current 4 year olds.
May 25-4 Year Old Class Preschool Graduation: 6:30 Keystone Elementary.  

Please enjoy pictures of our learning this past week and of our indoor recess relays and parachute fun.

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