Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Preschool News Week of April 11-15

What we are learning:

Read it Again: A Color of His Own
Print Knowledge:  We continue to work on recognizing the difference between letters and words.  Most of our students do.  If you are curious if your child is able to, write some letters and words in random order on a piece of paper and ask your child to show you which ones are letters and which ones are words.  This is an important kindergarten readiness skill. 

Vocabulary: We continue to work on understanding and using words to describe things and actions (adjectives and adverbs).  Our target word is unique. 

Narrative: We are working on sharing feelings, ideas and experiences in a story that is precise.  

Phonological Awareness: We continue to work on producing words that start with a specific first sound.  

Additional Children's Literature:  From Seed to Plant and A Green, Green Garden

Jolly Phonics Letter: Qq 

Small Groups: Number Jumping Beans Game, Where's the Bean Bag Game focusing on positional words, Positional Word Bump Game, Alphabet Bingo, Spring Number Order Puzzles, and Plant Life Cycle Sequencing.

Next week: We will be journaling, measuring, working on number identification and counting, and participating in planting seedlings for Earth Day, Friday, April 22.

Important News:  This week will be the last week for Read it Again Take Home Books.  If you have a book at home, please return it with it's baggie and activity card when you are finished.  We will not be sending any more books home after April 15.  

We have been studying plants and after we read a book last week called, Seeds, Seeds, Seeds, our classes decided to start our own seed collection.  Please do not buy seed packs to send to school, rather find seeds outdoors or in the foods you may eat.  You may send the seeds to school with your student to add to our seed collection if you would like.  Thanks!

We traced our feet and used it to measure items in our room. 

 Future engineers/architects at work!

 Our positional word bean bag toss game.  We recorded our results on a graph and made comparisons.

 We planted Marigold seeds this week!

 We enjoy constructing numbers and letters with our LED light table.
 Playing Positional Word Bump with partners during small groups.

 Alphabet Bingo with Mrs. Mehlert.

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