Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Preschool News Week of February 8-11

REMINDER:  NO SCHOOL FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12 and MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15 for Preschool due to Teacher Professional Development. 

Preschool Valentine Party will be held on Thursday, February 11th.  Please send Valentine's with your student on Thursday if you haven't already done so.  We have 20 students in the morning class and 18 in our afternoon class.  Please bring enough for every student in your child's class.  Thank you!  My plans are to post party pictures on Friday.

What are learning:

Read it Again:  The Recess Queen

Print Knowledge: We continue to work on concepts of print such as title, author, cover, illustrator, word vs. letters, etc.

Phonological Awareness: We are continuing to work on identifying when two words share the same first sound.

Narrative: We recalled a personal experience of a time when we played with our friends to include who they were with, where they were and what they were doing.   

Vocabulary:  Our target words this week are intimidated, cheerful and excited.  We discussed how we can tell how people are feeling based on their facial expressions.

Other literature: Valentine's Day and Clifford's Puppy Love

New Learning Centers:
Dramatic Play:  Under the Sea
Blocks: Gears
Sensory:  Sea shells and ocean animals
Art:  Hearts Galore
Alphabet: Penguins beginning sounds alphabet matching game
Counting: Number Matching Puzzles which includes addition and subtraction problems

This week we participated in a journal writing activity.  We drew a picture and wrote words to go along with our picture.  There are many different stages of the writing to convey meaning development and we are working on encouraging our students in the 4 year old class to put their letter sound knowledge into work.  It is so exciting to watch as they work through this process and see the fruits of their efforts.  Journaling is an activity that meets multiple age levels and developmental stages.  Fine motor development, language skills,(as students share with an adult what they drew), letter sound knowledge and letter formation as they add words to describe their drawings and print awareness as an adult dictates what they said onto paper.  This is an activity that can easily be done at home too.  There are many stages in development towards the writing to convey meaning process which I would be happy to share with anyone who is curious.   

We are continuing to work on writing numbers in our number book.  We focus on letter and number formation to prepare students for kindergarten where writing occurs on a daily basis.  

Thanks for reading!  Once again, I will post pictures on Friday from our Valentine's festivities.  

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