Friday, February 5, 2016

Preschool News Week of February 1-5

Save the Date:  Thursday, March 3, 6:00-7:30 PM
What: Preschool Family Fun Night
Where: Keystone Elementary Gym
Theme:  We will be hosting a STEAM night for our preschoolers.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.  We will have activities for you to participate in with your child in each of these areas.  A snack will be provided. 
Coming soon: A list of activity choices for this evening.   

What we are learning this week:

Read it Again:  Giggle Giggle Quack

Phonological Awareness: We continue to work on identifying when two words share the same first sound.  

Vocabulary: We discussed the phrases:  Settle in, in charge and keep an eye on.  We also learned that words can have more than one meaning.

Narrative: We worked on retelling the story.

Print Knowledge: We continue to work on the illustrator, author, cover and title page and print concepts such as words, letters, spell, read and write.  

Other Topics: Valentine's Day and characteristics of a good friend. 
BooksMouse's First Valentine

Voting:  We voted this week on our next dramatic play center.  After brainstorming with both classes, we circled the ideas that showed up in both lists and we have narrowed the choices to: Under the Sea, Flower Shop and Pet Shop.  Students voted on Thursday and the winner is......Under the Sea!  Hopefully the transformation will take place next week. 

Coming Next Week:  Valentine's Party on Thursday, Feb. 11th.  If you choose to have your child to participate in our Valentine exchange, you may begin sending cards to school on Monday, Feb. 8.  In an effort to make this a smooth process, please do not write a name in the to: section of the card, only write your child's name in the from section.  Since a Valentine will be given to every student in the class, it will make passing out Valentine's a much easier process for your child.  There are 20 students in the morning class and 18 in the afternoon class.  Thank you!

 The students chose a side of the carpet to vote on their choice for our new dramatic play center.  We compared numbers and discussed which side had more and less and how they knew which side won.  We also decided our second place choice may be our next study choice.

 Working on our Valentine Bags.

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