Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Preschool News Week of Jan. 19-22

What we are learning:

Read it Again:  The Biggest Snowman Ever
Print Knowledge:  We are continuing on working on identifying uppercase letters we see in our name and those of friends or family members that start with that letter.

Vocabulary: We are working on understanding and using words to represent our thinking processes.  The focus words are imagine and try.

Narrative:  We are working on producing a fictional story that has a setting and characters based off of our story.

Phonological Awareness:  We are working on identifying when two words share the same beginning sounds.  

Additional Literature: Starry, Starry Night

Jolly Phonics Letter:  Ll

Learning Centers:  
Dramatic Play:  Space Station
Blocks:  Trains
Sensory:  Kidfetti, Astronauts and Stars.  
Discovery:  Space exploration books

Next week:  We will be working on a measuring activity using unifex cubes and playing a beginning sound match up game in addition to Read it Again activities.  

GREAT NEWS:  The kids have been noticing and we wanted to share the joy....Mrs. Mehlert is expecting a baby in June!!!!  :)

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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