Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Preschool News: Week of Nov. 30-Dec. 4

What we've been learning:

Read it Again:  The Biggest Snowman Ever
Print Knowledge: The focus this week for print knowledge is identifying uppercase letters and identifying names in our classroom that start with that letter. 

Vocabulary:  We are working on understanding and using words which describe things (adjectives) and actions (adverbs).  Our target words are floppy, perfect, and huge. 

Narrative:  We are putting major events that occurred during the story in order.  We are discussing the characteristics of the settings town and country.    

Phonological Awareness:  
This week we will be segmenting words into syllables and blending syllables into words.  Our target words are snowman, biggest, winter, contest, princess, Martian, together and chocolate.   

Additional Children's Literature:  Our focus is on shapes this week.  We read The Shape of Things and What is Round?  We are working on making a shape book.  

Numbers:  7 & 8

Jolly Phonics Letter:  Mm

New Centers:  
Dramatic Play:  Home scene with Christmas tree
Blocks:  Marbleworks
Sensory:  Macaroni
Discovery:  Sink or Float Activity
Writing: Alphabet Stamps
Art: Marble Painting

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