Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Preschool News: Week of Dec. 7-11

What we've been learning:

Read it Again: The Mitten by Jan Brett

Here is a link to Jan Brett's website which is full of activities, coloring pages and more.

Print Knowledge:  We are focusing on uppercase letters that begin our names and the names of our friends and family members.  The idea is to have our students get used to listening to the beginning sound of words.

Vocabulary:  We are learning the new words: mole, hedgehog and badger from the animals in the story.  We are using descriptive words to describe each animal.  

Narrative:  We are using pictures from the story to retell the story in order.  We had pictures of the animals in our story and placed them in a mitten in order.    

Phonological Awareness:  We are working on identifying when two words share the same beginning sound.  We are playing a game where we place a counter on the words that start with the initial 'm' sound.  

Additional Children's Literature:  We are continuing to discuss shapes and their different characteristics such as the number of sides, corners, length of sides, etc.  We read What is Square?  and What is Triangle?   

Numbers: 9 & 10  

Jolly Phonics Letter: Dd 

Reminder: Read it Again Take Home book bags were sent home last Friday.  Please remember that the goal is that you will be reading the book on three different occasions with your child using the activity card that is included with the book bag.  Please feel free to keep these books for 1-2 weeks as needed to complete these activities.  When you are finished with your book, please return it and we will send home a new book for you to read with your child.      

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