Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Preschool News Week of Nov. 2-6

What we've been learning:

Read it Again:  Rumble in the Jungle
Print Knowledge: We continue to work on recognizing the left to right and top to bottom directionality of print.

Vocabulary: We are working on time concept words of before and after and participated in an activity to discuss events that occurred in our story using these terms.  We also discussed daily routines that we have to do in order such as putting our toothpaste on our toothbrush before we brush our teeth.

Narrative:  We used pictures of animals in the story and each student had the chance to recall and tell what each animal liked to do in the story.

Phonological Awareness:  Using animal pictures from the story we clapped out the syllables in each word and sorted them based on the number of syllables each word had.

Incredible Flexible You:  Whole Body Listening  Mr. Junge came and read our story this week to both our morning and afternoon classes.  Our students demonstrated great whole body listening and we earned five puff balls towards our party puff jar for our respectful behavior.  I apologize for only having a picture of our morning class listening to Mr. Junge reading.  A big THANK YOU to Mr. Junge for spending time reading to our classes!
We have completed our Incredible Flexible You 5 book series but will be revisiting the concepts throughout the year.  

Numbers:  We are going to be really focusing on introducing numbers and understanding quantities associated with each number.  Example 5= * * * * * The numbers for this week are #1 & #2.

Jolly Phonics Letter: Ee

New Centers:  
Dramatic Play: Grocery Store!!
Blocks: Trains 
Sensory: Kidfetti
Discovery: Color Paddles

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your week!

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