Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Preschool News: Week of October 5-9

What we've been learning this week:  This week in our Read it Again Series, we read the book The Letters are Lost by Lisa Campbell Ernst.  In small groups we worked on activities in the following areas: print knowledge: we showed the students a letter and we created a list of student names that start with each particular letter and we have been focusing on identifying the title, discussing how many words are in the title and what an author and illustrator does, vocabulary: we have been focusing on spatial concepts of in, on, and under and we hid letters around the room for the students to find and then using our spatial concept words, described where the letters were at, phonological awareness:  we are focusing on rhyming words that have the -ox ending sound such as clocks, socks, blocks, and finally for narrative: We discussed where else the letters could hide and drew a picture in our journals and dictated a sentence telling where our letter was hidden.  Many students were choosing to hide the letter that started their name and doing a great job of coming up with a place that also started with their chosen letter.  In Incredible Flexible You, we completed activities to go with our lesson, Thinking With Your Eyes.  Students enjoyed going on a "space walk" and using our eyes to locate aliens, asteroids, stars, and planets hiding in our classroom.       

Jolly Phonics Letter:  Our letter for this week is the Ii.  As we are learning our letters, sounds and corresponding action, I am hopeful that students are making connections to words that they hear.  In introducing the letter we generate a list of words that start with this letter and we also practice writing the letter.

Songs:  Tiny Tim, Today is Sunday, Brown Bear, Shake Your Sillies Out, Pass the Bean Bag and Who Let the Letters Out.

New Center Additions:  Sensory: Seashells, Building: Farm Sets, Discovery: Seeds/Nuts (in a sealed plastic container for safety), Art: Playdoh, Writing: Lacing Cards, and Dramatic Play: Vet Clinic 

Reminder:  October book orders are due tomorrow.

Cooler Weather:  As our temperatures continue to cool with our transition to fall, it is a great time to be working on self care skills with your child such as putting on their own coat, fixing inside out sleeves, and zipping and buttoning.  Many of our students are doing a great job with this.  It is also important that students are responsible for hanging their own coats and backpacks.  This will help your child to become more confident in their ability to meet their own needs.

Four Year Old Field Trip:  The weather is going to be cool Friday morning.  I would advise students wear a warm jacket, gloves and a hat.  I also would recommend wearing play clothes and shoes as we could get rain Thursday night.  The bus leaves Keystone at 8:30.  Students may arrive at 8:15 to prepare for our trip.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
Mrs. Benton

I will be posting pictures from our learning this week.

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