Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Preschool News: Week of October 26-30

What we've been learning:  

Read it Again:  We are reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
Print Knowledge: We are continuing to work on recognizing the left to right and top to bottom directionality of print. When reading with your child you can say, "I am going to point to the words as I read" and model for model for your child the direction that you read the words.
Vocabulary: We are working on understanding and using words which describe things and actions (adjectives and adverbs).  We taught the adjectives "loud" and "quiet" and sorted pictures of things that represented loud and quiet.
Phonological Awareness: SYLLABLES!!  We are learning to segment words into syllables by clapping out the words to identify how many parts there are in each word using pictures and words from our story.
Narrative: We have been acting out the story using a coconut tree and alphabet letters.  I have seen some great retelling and recalling of events in the story!     

Incredible Flexible You: Our new book this week is Whole Body Listening.  In this story we are learning that when we use whole body listening, our eyes, ears, mouth, hands, arms, legs and feet are calm and quiet.  When we do this it shows our friends/teacher that we are thinking about them and that makes us happy.  :)

New Learning Centers: 
Building: Tools/Construction Set

Sensory: Kinetic Sand 

Art: Finger Painting/Tissue Paper Pumpkins

Jolly Phonics Letter: C/K:  The letters C/K are introduced at the same time with Jolly Phonics because of the common hard C sound they make.  Example: cat/kite

Special Visitors:  This past week we were fortunate enough to have Mrs. Happel, first grade teacher here at Keystone, share with us her Russian Tortoise, Franklin.  What a wonderful opportunity to learn about how to care for a tortoise and have the chance to view one up close and personal.  Students were not allowed to touch Franklin as we learned that tortoises and turtles carry a sickness called salmonella.

We also had a visit from Ms. Anderson, also a teacher here at Keystone, who shared with us her pet hamster, Pepper.  We learned about what types of things Pepper likes to eat, his living environment and we got to see him roll around in his ball.  I am sorry to say, but many of our students, may be coming home begging to have a teddy bear hamster just like Pepper!

These visits were planned to extend students' learning with our vet clinic in our dramatic play area and I am very appreciative of Mrs. Happel and Ms. Anderson taking time out of their days to share with our students.

Another visitor to our afternoon class only this past week was Sue Lovik from Grant Wood AEA.  Sue is the Early Childhood Consultant from Grant Wood and she came and read to our class and did a great Science activity with our students exploring what happens when we add food coloring to water.

Here are pictures from our visit with Franklin, Miss Sue, and Pepper.

Reminders:  Please be aware of the changing weather.  The rest of this week will be in the 50's.  All students should have a warm jacket, gloves and hat or hood please in order to prevent anyone from being too cold.

PLEASE BRING: Please bring in a change of clothes to replace the shorts/t-shirts that were sent at the beginning of the year.  We will send home the summer clothes when we receive the fall clothes.  Also if your child has needed to borrow school clothes, please return those as soon as possible so we have them in the event we need them again.  Thank you!

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