Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Preschool News: Week of October 12-16

What we've been learning this week:  In our Incredible Flexible You series, we read the book, Body in the Group.  The activities that correlated with the book remind us to be aware of where our body is in a group.  Are we sitting too close or are we too far away?  Are we following and doing what our group is doing?  For our Read it Again lesson this week, we read the book The Night Before Preschool by Natasha Wing.  We focused again on spatial concepts in our vocabulary lesson: over, under, behind, and below.  For print knowledge, we located items in our classroom that were found in the book and pointed out the word/label for these items.  In narrative, we sorted pictures of things that can be done inside and/or outside as we continue to focus on the setting of a story.  Phonological Awareness focused on the -ack rhyming words such as black, back, pack.

Jolly Phonics Letter:  Pp  We review the letters and sounds that we have learned each day at school.  I will be re-assessing our letter recognition in the next few weeks and am excited to see the growth since our beginning of the year baseline assessment.

Special Visitor:  On Monday, Jennifer Feuerbach, from Frey's Animal Hospital came to talk to us about what is like being a veterinarian.  This visit was a perfect correlation to our vet clinic in our dramatic play center!  Mrs. Feuerbach shared with the students what a day at the animal hospital may look like varying from seeing patients to performing surgery.  She discussed with them foods that are poisonous for pets and how some of our small toys can be dangerous for them as well.  We also learned how to approach an animal we do not know, seeking permission from an owner before ever touching their pet and what our body should look like to not scare a dog.  The kids were given a tattoo and coloring book to take home.  A big THANK YOU to Jennifer Feuerbach for coming to visit us on her day off!

Reminder:  There is no school on Monday, October 19th for teacher professional development.

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