Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Afternoon Preschool Learning

Morning Class Learning

Preschool News Week of Sept. 28-Oct.2

What we've been learning this week:  This week in our Incredible Flexible You series we have read a story called Thinking with your Eyes.  We are learning that we can tell what someone is thinking by looking at their eyes and seeing what they are looking at.  We have done some activities to help reinforce this concept to include: What am I looking at?, Thinking with you Eyes High Fives, and Think with your Eyes Music Activity.  For Read it Again, we are reading Rumble in the Jungle and working on recognizing where the print is on the page and being aware that words carry meaning.  We have discussed that the title of the story tells us what the story is about and what an author and illustrator do.  We are learning that the setting of a story can take place at different times of day and different locations.  In our story this week we sorted pictures of the characters in our story (jungle animals) and put them in the setting they were found in our book.  For vocabulary, our focus words are jaws, horns, cubs and den.  Students played a game where they had to listen to directions including positional words and place their animals in those places to include the words in, on, under, behind.  For phonological awareness we are working on -ake rhyming words (snake, cake).  When you are reading to your child, comment on rhyming words that you notice while reading to bring about their awareness to this concept.  Example, Jake will bake a cake.  "Wow, I heard three rhyming words in that sentence, did you hear them?  I heard Jake, bake, cake, they all have the -ake sound at the end!"

Jolly Phonics Letter:  The Jolly Phonics letter we are learning is the letter Tt.

Apple Tasting:  Our classroom participated in an apple tasting activity and we graphed which kind of apple was our favorite.  We were able to compare which one had the most, the least and then also compared which one had more when comparing two different apple colors.  Great Math concepts being introduced in this hands on learning experience!      

Songs:  Join in the Game, Where is Thumbkin, The Goldfish, Bubblegum, Jump, Popcorn, and The Freeze.

Center Additions: 
Science: Tornado Tube, a Luna Moth Caterpillar (made it's cocoon last night!!!), a small Tree Frog who visited for a day, Fall Leaves to explore (we used magnifying glasses to observe the veins on the leaves).
Blocks: Gears
Art: Magazines, Collage Items
Library:  Fall and Apple Stories
Dramatic Play: Coming soon: A Vet Clinic!

Pictures:  I will be posting pictures of our learning on our blog later today.  Thank you for getting forms returned to me so quickly when I send them home to you!  You are awesome!!

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous rest of your week!!!
Mrs. Benton